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Yours - Mine - Our Children

Youth Counseling & Mentoring Service

YMOC is a Counseling & Mentoring Service provided to youth and teens ages 7-17.  We offer professional and compassionate services for children and teens worldwide to help them deal with the day to day issues they encounter.

We help youth overcome the following:


Parent Divorce

Identity Crisis


Anger Outbursts 



Running Away from Home

Our counseling and mentoring services are available both virtually and in-person, depending on your needs and preferences. We understand that every child is unique and requires a tailored approach to their care.

Virtual Counselling 
In-person counselling 

Empowering Youth, One Step at a Time.

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Start the change 

Meet Felicha Jones 

Licensed and Certified Counselor 

Felicha’s purpose is clear, she realizes that she has been assigned to help children learn how to cope with life, to ensure they get a good education and to show them how to become the best version of themselves they possibly can be. Felicha works very hard to to ensure children get a good education at an early age and that they adopt the tools necessary to cope with life.

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Feel free to reach out

If you have any questions, feel the need to talk to somebody or want to arrange counselling for your child, do not hesitate to contact us.

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