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Parent Testimonies 


Mrs. Felicha mentored and counseled both of my children for six (6) weeks during the time that my ex and I were going through a divorce.  My children were torn apart, and it was very hard watching them ache as children all while my ex and I pursued the divorce.  Three weeks into the sessions, my 13 year old daughter started reassuring me that she was ok and that she was learning to accept the divorce.  By the end of the 6th week my son decided that he wanted to have a conversation with his dad, and share with him his anger and resentment.  After their meeting, they have become the best of friends. I seriously don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met Mrs. Jones to help us get our children back on the right track during and after the divorce. I'm grateful for everything she has done for my family.  


Mrs. Felicha counseled our son for six (6) weeks in an effort to help him with his identity struggle.  Prior to us connecting with Mrs. Jones, our son was insisting that he wanted to be a girl, and while we wanted to be open to allow him to self-discover, neither me or my wife could find the RIGHT words to say to him.  Everytime we had a conversation regarding the matter, it would blow up into a family disagreement and argument.  However, after his sessions with Mrs. Jones were completed, she suggested that because my son is rather young, (he's 9) that it's best that we didn't react or overreact at the thought and idea of my son wanting to change his identity.  Mrs. Jones was able to get him to commit to not making decisions right now on his identity and simply live each day as a human, and he did just that.  Mrs. Jones kept in touch with our family even after the counseling sessions were over and here we are nine (9) months later, and my son is embracing himself as a boy and has since then changed his perspective on his identity.  We are truly thankful for what Mrs. Jones and her company has done for our family.


As a Foreigner, moving here to Texas can be a culture shock and even overwhelming at times.  When my family & I moved here after Covid, my son was angry and wasn't speaking to us because he was angry about the move here to the states.  We ran into Mrs. Jones at the grocery store, and she gave us her business card, and the rest is history.  My wife reached out to her and scheduled the sessions with our son to go through her program, and it has made such a difference in my son's life.  Mrs. Jones was able to introduce him to like minded young males who have become good friends to him, and needless to say, my son is super happy to be here now, and he loves it here!


As single parents, I don't think any of us will ever be prepared when our children are acting out in school.  My daughter started skipping class and her behavior changed right before my eyes.  She would come home with an attitude nearly every day and she would simply go into her room and hibernate until the next day.  I tried everything I could to talk to her, and nothing would work.  Another parent told me about Mrs. Jones and the services she provides.  I connected with her and she started the counseling sessions with my daughter.  It gives me such great joy to see my daughter changing for the better and she's now opening up and talking with me, she's attending school and not skipping class, and her behavior has improved tremendously at school.  I'm one grateful mom and it truly does take a village, and I'm truly thankful to have Mrs. Jones as part of my daughter's village. 

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