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Services We Offer

Specializing & experienced in helping youth & teens overcome the following: 
  • Bullying 

  • Identity crisis

  • Anger & rage outburst

  • Grief

  • Parent divorce

  • Suicide

  • Drugs

  • Running away from home 

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During each session we focus on ways to convince the youth and/or teen to open up and share with my staff and I what's going on with them so that we in-turn, can shed some light to the parent(s) on how to better understand the issues that the child is dealing with and how to help them cope.             


At the end of the six (6) weeks, each child will have been taught how to utilize coping skills to help with them realizing the importance of dealing with their issues the correct way. We also follow-up with the child for weeks after the 6th week in an effort to hold the child accountable to do the work.   

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Schedule Initial Consultation

If you have further questions or simply feel the need to schedule the six week sessions for your child, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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